Welcome to Travel Awry

Imagine you’ve traveled to a different country or that you’ve gone a couple of hours away from home for a sweet vacation.

Things are progressing normally, everything is going fine, etc., etc., etc.

Then, it strikes again.

Oh, the tragedy. Oh, the confusion. *le faint

Something has, inevitably, gone wrong with your perfect little holiday.

Did you get off the bus in the wrong city? Was it lost luggage? Is your hostel more like it’s out of a scary movie, instead of the cute little B&B you imagined?

Whatever it is, it’s happened to us all. Promise.

For myself, these little occurrences seem to happen frequently. It’s just who I am, apparently.

So, instead of whining about yet another missed train, or another pair of broken shoes, or an unexpectedly trashy hotel, I find the humor in my situations and move on (Roll with punches, people).

This blog (mostly) deals with what I call the “funnier sides of travel.”

You can also find more information about the start of this blog in my initial post, Journeys End(ish).

So, to conclude, welcome!!! I’m glad you’re here!

Feel free to roam around and enjoy the light humour. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them, or if you like a post, please share or drop a comment/like!